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M & C, June 2009

"The Spice Up!"


Thank you for the lovely gift. That's just one of the many items we didn't have to search for anymore. And for the shower, you really "spiced it up" and it was a fun surprise!

Since its launch, Turning Page Events have designed and executed more than 100 weddings, conferences, anniversary dinners, surprises and showers.

Look Stunning in the Photos & for Life!


Who we are


Renee has been creating events for as long as she can remember. From the very first centerpiece to her first necklace, she knew it was time to take her hobby to the next level.

In 1999, Renee, along with her sister, created their first large scale event; their parent's 25th wedding anniversary. The bonus was that it was all a surprise! "I don't think they really knew how long it took to make sure each guest and detail matched if not surpassed their expectations." And clearly, they didn't. With over 90 people, a great weekend was had & both parents still talk about the surprise on their anniversary! "Honestly, this was the moment I knew I had a gift, and it needed to be available to those in the world!"

That's when Renee worked her event planning & jewellery designs under one name.

Then in 2006, Renee completed her designation as a Certified Wedding Coordinator with the Wedding Planners. "It was an experience to meet like-minded folks and really build on my designs! I really was blessed to have great teachers." In 2007, Renee decided it was time to rename the company and formed Turing Page Events.


Wedding Planner orchestrates every element of the event, starting with custom letterpress invitations through linens, lighting, flowers and table service.

Taking care of your body is not just for a special occasion - it's for LIFE! Being diligent with avoiding razor rashes, ingrown hairs, acne, and the dreaded wrinkle is just the tip of the iceberg.

Turning Page Events has partnered with a remarkable company to not only educate folks on how to brighten, rejuvenate & hydrate the skin, but to offer these products at more than half price! That company is Seacret - Minerals from the Dead Sea.

Seacret has partnered with a manufacturing giant, L'Oreal, to give luxurious products, with a reputation to permanently heal the skin in minutes and ensure that each item is up to company's high standards - did we mention that it is also a family owned, multi-million dollar powerhouse.

Click below to find out more! You can also contact us to book a demonstration or spa party and receive some wonderful hosting benefits!


Meet the Founder!

Turning Page Events will follow you anywhere. The team has orchestrated weddings across southern Ontario and expanded into the United States. We've even hopped a few islands to get that perfect sunset wedding on a beach!

In 2014, Turning Page Events took on a more natural aspect by incorporating beauty products and regiments that would ensure everyone looks radiant.



Renee Richards
Lead Coordinator/ Planner/ Designer

Renee’s experience as an event planner gives her the freedom to take the smallest of ideas and turn it into a full designed event. The quickest turn around Renee had was meeting a couple, designing the wedding for 150 guests and having it done in 1 month!


A & N, July 2007

"The Blending of Tastes!"


Thank you for all of your help in making our wedding day so special. Your personal touch made all the difference in blending our tastes & it will live in our memories forever!

Turning Page Events is a full service company, focusing on giving our clients total attention to details and in a joint effort, create the event of their dreams! We pride ourselves on being professional, calm and courteous at all times. We also provide consulting services in case the client only needs a gentle push in the right direction.

Our main goal is to see that every detail of the experience leaves all those who attended more than satisfied – they will be amazed at the precision & timing! For more information about our packages, please see Services section. Our events include: anniversaries, bridal showers, galas, corporate meetings and weddings. We also have a designing team to create beautiful centerpieces for conferences, showers and more.

Please feel free to contact us for all your event management needs!

Our professionals draw on the finest local sources of furniture, lighting and accessories to transform hotel ballrooms, urban parks, rustic lodges and sandy beaches into magical settings.